21 Day Gretitude Challenge

I'm guessing that I'm not quite the only one who has bad days. Probably not all of you know what that means, but perhaps at least a few?

Anyway, this post is for those of us who have bad days and don't like to be glum.


You don't have to be. I discovered that yesterday. Here's the story.

It was more of a joggy nose and a pony throat than anything more serious, if you know what I mean. Not bad enough to keep me from getting up and doing school, but just bad enough to keep me from enjoying any of it. That's the worst kind, I think.

Anywho, I managed a nap in the morning and rest in the afternoon (fit my school in betimes) and by 5:30, I was elated in a stuffed-up sort of way because I was nearly done. Daddy dearest came bounding up the stairs to interrupt my piano practice in his usual way. I thought.


"Hi Dad." Sniff.

"Ryan is here with the hay, sweetheart," as he ran towards his bedroom to find work jeans.

"And the kids have soccer practice too!" I wailed. For the last two loads of hay, my mom and younger sister and brother - the primary equine lovers in our family - had been gone at various horse shows. I was a little tired of the habit.

I found my farm jeans, a less-than-clean T-shirt and a pair of gloves and followed Dad to the barn. Kiara and Mom left, profusely appologizing, and I wearily started throwing hay bales onto our wagon.

I was well on my way to constructing a miserable mood for myself by the time we were half done.

Then I started noticing things that I couldn't help but be grateful for.

*The way the autumn leaves dropped silently to the ground.

*The way the sunlight spilled over the farm like magic golden liquid.

*The way Dad randomly started to rub my shoulders between loads of hay.

*The way my dog watched my every move with soulful brown eyes.

*That none of the hay actually went in my shoe. That would have driven me crazy. Rawr.

*The way Dad let me do the easy part of the job.

*Riding on top of the hay like I used to do years ago, laughing to myself and trying to keep random hay bales from falling off the wagon.

* The way my horse looked at me underneath the wood of a partition.

*The way one of the horses ambled into the hay shed - the back of which opens into the pasture.

*That we finished and had time for a leisurely dinner before Ryan brought the second load of hay.

Do you begin to see my point? Even if you have the sniffles and you have to scratch up your arms carrying hay to feed the horses your sister rides (while she plays soccer), there is something beautiful to find, something sweet to be grateful for.

So I dare you, fellow bloggers, to take 21 days to be grateful with me. Each day, instead of or in addition to your normal posts, publish a list of ten things that blessed you. See if it doesn't cheer you up! I'm willing to bet that trying it will take some of the blue out of your day and put more wind in your sails.

Comment if you're going to do this please! I want to know who's with me!

...Thank you! :D


  1. Hmmmm ... I think I like this. Maybe. Ummm ... yeah. I think I'll do it! Or at least try. *Gulp*
    What have I gotten myself into?? Twenty one days is a long time. Ah, well. Maybe I'll go for a shorter amount of time. And then decide if I can make it the whole 21. K? K. :)

  2. Yo! I'm thinkin' I'll write down my things for each day, and then make a post out of them once a week for three weeks in a row. That way I won't have to post them every day. Yes? Yes. :)

  3. Ah. I gotted worried. I was like - Where's the psots? And then, after seeing your blog and reading your plan, I find this. Woot!